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We Provides a wide array of Web Design and Develoment. We don't just design and develop websites but we transform them to powerful business channels. Web design is the skill of creating presentations of content. Our website designing Team is among the best in the corporate world and holds expertise in latest Flash based technologies. All of our web designs are built in-house thus giving unique look to your website. Our Web designers invests their time to create web solutions that make your website feel "real" without adversely affecting the core objective of the website. Our web design services will get you the results that you always wanted. Our websites are clean, clear and customized to your needs!

We emphasize clear, clean, and navigable pages that represent your business positively. While we are proficient in the latest website design and technology, we use them appropriately, to set up a perfect web site according to your instructions and add essential functionality to your website. We also offer offshore development facility for our clients all over the India & Abroad.

Static Website

All the pages are static and the site is mainly meant for providing information to users. This is considered a beginners' site and useful to companies who just want to maintain their mere presence on internet and do not have often updating on the site

Dynamic Website

In this dynamic world, things are changing very fast. Hence it becomes necessary to change the information on your website from time to time. Thus in dynamic & interactive websites we provide a simple user interface to clients whereby some of the web pages are created dynamically by the clients. This means you have full control on the contents of the page and you can change any content at any time and as many times in a day. People today want to interact with the site and expect new information on the site regularly. Today 70 % of the web sites are dynamic and interactive type.

What in the blazes is E-Commerce? Electronic Commerce is one of the most important aspects of the internet to emerge. It allows people to exchange goods and services immediately and with no barriers of time or distance. Any time of the day or night, you can go online and buy almost anything you want - even your underwear.

Some key components to the E-Commerce Model:

The online store
The shopping basket
The checkout
The online customer data collection
The shipping methods
The credit card or payment methods
The merchant account with your bank

The road to creating a successful online store can be a difficult and confusing one if you are unaware of the concepts and principles behind eCommerce. The trick to entering this market smoothly is to find out what you need to do before you have to do it. Thats where Star Graphic Web Design comes in...we offer a few solutions to get your products online quickly and integrated with your current website or one we create for you. The best thing about our E-Commerce solutions is you can handle the maintenance & updating yourself if you prefer. Some of our clients have us do the initial set up and then turn the store over to them and spend a few hours showing them the basics of running it themselves. Others prefer to have us handle the whole ball of wax. Either way, if you have products to sell we can help you get them online to millions of potential buyers. Contact us to get started.
Jump aboard - the wave of the future is cruising through a computer near you!

New Business - New Logo
Your business logo may be the first impression your customers receive of your business. An effective logo should graphicaly embody the key message and qualities of your business. Get it right and you have the foundation stone of a corporate identity to reassure your customers for years to come. 
A logo is an integral part of any companies identity. Whether you are starting a new business or are looking to revamp your image, the Star Graphic team will help you portray the true identity of your business through custom designed logos. 

All logos are created with the latest vector based software, and are designed to the highest industry standards, making sure your logo looks great where ever it appears.

Creation of your logo is not a task for a junior designer or a budget-quick-job agency.
When designing a new logo we research your market and industry, we consult with you to arrive at a unique design that presents the right message; we create a logo that works with all required media and strongly represents your business. Below are a few of our creations. 

If you would like to talk to some one in our team about creating a logo for your company call us now on 91+ 9930224298

Many website designs are almost invisible to search-engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. 
This is critical as ~80% of people use search engines when they initially go on-line to look for a product or service. 

Our web designers can apply tried and tested Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)techniques to your web design that will ensure your potential customers will be able to find you and your web site.
We can help achieve an upward trend in search result rankings of your website by the careful fine tuning of a new or existing web design. 
We can submit your Web site to major and specialist search directories, lists that search engines use to correlate their results and establish new links to your web site.
We can also help establish link swapping with other related websites to further push your link rating and therefore your search ranking of your website.

We can provide you with the SEO knowledge so that you can dramatically boost your websites visibility in the important internet search engines.

As an example of our expertise these links bring you to a live search of the 3 major search engines for one of this sites chosen "key-phrases"

Content is considered king online, but interestingly 75% of the content posted online is scanned by the surfer who simply hops-skips-jumps the text. Also, the web content is difficult to retain, and the general user is not patient enough to scroll deep. To retain a reader is a challenge! 

But then why is Content King?

Content is considered king online. Content syndication services online range from designing website content to writing articles, blogs, forums, news-letters emails, press releases etc. for the vast range of Internet audiences, along with arranging the desired keywords in a specific percentage and format! 
It certainly is no child's play! 

Search engines recognise sites through its content and Search Engine Optimisation; Marketing largely depends on the content written for obtaining results. Having updated its algorithm recently, Google has launched a new trend in website writing altogether, which is termed LSI - Latent Semantic Indexing. This is designed not only to accentuate the content of a site, but also the user-friendliness. 

Services that we provide are:
Content writing for websites
Copy writing for email marketing and newsletters
Copy editing and sub-editing
Designing web literature and product literature
Articles, blogs, press releases, FAQs, knowledge banks et al
Content development and redevelopment
Copywriting consultancy

Good textual content is one of the most important aspects of any website.
Keyword enriched content adds value to your website and also supports your online popularity. 

It gives you the opportunity to share knowledge about your products and services with your customers and win their trust. Fully optimized content helps your website to attract potential customers.

We write SEO friendly site contents using relevant keywords so that your website can rank higher in the search engine results (SERPs). 

The benefits of content writing at BusinessPro Designs include:
• SEO friendly content
• Enhances the quality of your website
• Rank higher in the search engines - for longer
• Increase in the Search Engine Crawling to the site
• Increase in the Google Page Rank (PR)
• High visitor conversion rate
• Regular flow of targeted traffic
• Healthy financial turnover

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