What in the blazes is E-Commerce? Electronic Commerce is one of the most important aspects of the internet to emerge. It allows people to exchange goods and services immediately and with no barriers of time or distance. Any time of the day or night, you can go online and buy almost anything you want - even your underwear.

Some key components to the E-Commerce Model:

The online store
The shopping basket
The checkout
The online customer data collection
The shipping methods
The credit card or payment methods
The merchant account with your bank

The road to creating a successful online store can be a difficult and confusing one if you are unaware of the concepts and principles behind eCommerce. The trick to entering this market smoothly is to find out what you need to do before you have to do it. Thats where Star Graphic Web Design comes in...we offer a few solutions to get your products online quickly and integrated with your current website or one we create for you. The best thing about our E-Commerce solutions is you can handle the maintenance & updating yourself if you prefer. Some of our clients have us do the initial set up and then turn the store over to them and spend a few hours showing them the basics of running it themselves. Others prefer to have us handle the whole ball of wax. Either way, if you have products to sell we can help you get them online to millions of potential buyers. Contact us to get started.
Jump aboard - the wave of the future is cruising through a computer near you!

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