Many website designs are almost invisible to search-engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. 
This is critical as ~80% of people use search engines when they initially go on-line to look for a product or service. 

Our web designers can apply tried and tested Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)techniques to your web design that will ensure your potential customers will be able to find you and your web site.
We can help achieve an upward trend in search result rankings of your website by the careful fine tuning of a new or existing web design. 
We can submit your Web site to major and specialist search directories, lists that search engines use to correlate their results and establish new links to your web site.
We can also help establish link swapping with other related websites to further push your link rating and therefore your search ranking of your website.

We can provide you with the SEO knowledge so that you can dramatically boost your websites visibility in the important internet search engines.

As an example of our expertise these links bring you to a live search of the 3 major search engines for one of this sites chosen "key-phrases"

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